Subhash S. Talati President

“In healthy body lies in healthy mind”

Though I belong to Sankheda, Naswadi has become my workplace. From 1971 to 2008. I was running a medical store in Naswadi. After closing the business I settled at Baroda for a better life. As I was dealing with the people in the sphere of medicines. I realized that,

“If a body is comfortable, everyone is comfortable. if a body is sad, everything looks sad”

To keep the body healthy is the duty of every person. But, how this can be in the case of poor people because of their low purchasing power, proper treatment and medicines being absent, in order to help these people from the last seven years. I decided to help them in the field of health.

I was joined by vrajdham vadi Parivar, patient help committee, manjalpur, Vadodara and about fifteen families. We used to go to schools, run by a corporation and distributes biscuits. We were also visiting “Sevatirth” dhaniyavi, “Shram mandir“sindhrot, infection diseases hospital karelibaug and mental hospital, Kareli Baug, distribute needy medicines. We have also arranged health campus with the co-operation of Shri Vallabhachariyaji Hospital, manjalpur,Vadodara.

While doing all these, it came to mind of my family that “Public Service itself is Service to God”, so we decided to move to the place where we have lived for thirty-seven years and serve the people there and look after their medical needs. The place where the people have shared our success. we must try to help those Adivasi tribal people of Naswadi Taluka by setting up a full-fledged hospital. This place badly needed such a facility. In the private sector, treatment is very expensive and beyond the reach of poor Adivasi tribal people. This thought made us establish “Smt. Hasumatiben S. Talati Arogya Mandir” on 29.3.2015. We have been ably supported by local society over the last one year. To continue this herculean effort we look forward to helping and support from all. This is a special appeal to all our friends and well-wishers to open heartily support this noble cause. We do hope that you all will support this noble cause.

We have sincere, honest and dutybound doctors, staff and efficient trustees. I take a pride in their selfless service to the trust. Please come forward to help us to extend medical services to be available to the last man of this taluka.

Founder’s Vision

  • Service of humanity
  • Financial help patients
  • To organize camps for child development and healthy lifestyle.
  • For diseases like blood pressure or diabetes proper advice to be given to people.