How you can help us? You can help us by providing below things..


Our Need Amount(Rs)
Minor O.T Equipment 4,29,540 /-
Monthly Expenses for Free Medicines to Patients 75,000 /-
Monthly Hospital maintenance Expenses 1,75,000 /-
Generator 3,31,000 /-
Lift 9,40,500 /-
Building Construction Staff Quarters Building Extension 1,00,00,000 /-
For solar System 35kw 15,00,000 /-
For CCTV Camera System 6,00,000 /-

We Have Below Stated Items Give To The Needy Patients With Nominal Charges Rs.1 Or Rs.2 For Use (With Refundable Deposit)

Sr.No Instruments Sr.No Instruments
1 Air bed with Pump 8 Folding Walker
2 Semi-Fowler Bed 9 Stick
3 Fully Fowler Bed 10 Stick four lag
4 Wheel Chair 11 Toilet Chair
5 Nebuliser 12 Commode Table
6 Back Rest 13 Toilet Tub
7 Simple Walker 14 Oxygen Concentrator machine (movable)

Life Time Benefits Scheme For Medicine

We Accept Rs. 15,000/- as a donation becoming a life-Time member, as we provide medicine to all patients one day in a year free of cost.

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Smt. Hasumatiben S. Talati Arogya Mandir.

SMT.Hasumatiben S.Talati Arogya Mandir

We invite you to see the facilities provided in this hospital.